Single tip: Aiko – Power

In English by indiespect

Artist: Aiko

Title: Power

Release: 19.03.2021

Aiko unites the most diverse cultures. The singer was born in Moscow, grew up in the Czech Republic and now lives in London. The musician released her debut album «Expiration Date» in 2020. Now the singer is following up with the single «Power». The dark pop track is accompanied by an artistic music video in which strong women take on the leading roles. It impresses both artistically and visually.

Power: A promise in words and imagery

The song starts with soft instrumentation before Aiko's strong voice kicks in. It immediately reminds one of various female singers. There is an essence of Shakira, but also the force of Florence & The Machine. The mixture of softness, a clear statement and female power make Power a listening experience. The lyrics are about growing into the person you want to become and staying true to yourself at the same time. Seize the moment when the time is right and don't let it slip through your fingers. 

Stop wasting my time
I'm independent
When I said I need my space
I meant it.

Aiko, Power

The instrumentation is mostly reduced to beats, which are complemented by the use of fine guitar sounds in the chorus. The single is carried by the power of the voice in all its facets. Sometimes gentle, sometimes urgent. The dark pop track conveys both a sense of boldness and a youthful invincibility that we want to preserve as we grow older.

A female music video as a symbol of power

The music video for Power is a masterpiece both visually and artistically. The choice of locations, the colours and the movements are equally impressive. Aiko shows that she can not only sing, but also dance – no matter whether it is in a large room with numerous chandeliers or on a pole dance pole. This reflects strength, elegance and sensitivity in equal measure. 

Cover image: ©David «Baixing» Poláček